A powerful vertical grow system for all indoor farming

  • This light can be designed for either a vegetation spec or bloom spec. Let us know before you order, and we will customize accordingly.
  • Designed for any kind of indoor farming.
  • For best results, we recommend mounting the lights 6–8 inches above the plant canopy.

Mac-9 | 720 watts

  • LED bar qt. 9 x LED bars
    LED Source High efficiency/high CRI COB + SMD3535 LEDs
    LED qty 72xCOB+288xSMD3535 LEDs
    AC Input AC 110–277V/50-60HZ
    Driver Meanwell driver
    True power consumption 720W
    Control Switch Control
    Beam Angle 60 or 105 degree optional
    Waterproof Level IP65
    Product Size 1200mm x 1200mm x 182mm
    Net Weight 22.1kg/48.2lbs
    Working Temperature 0° ~ 40°
    Working Environment Damp Location
    Warranty 5 Year Warranty