About Us

Based in California, we recognize the challenges facing indoor cultivation. We’re committed to designing and supplying the highest quality LED lights to suit a range of commercial operations. Whatever you’re farming, our systems can help make a positive impact on your operations and your earnings. 

Background Story


We run our business the way our founder has lived his life; guided by our ethics and with honesty above all else.


As a true California native, Antonio has had a varied and diverse career journey shaped by his entrepreneurial spirit. From driving semi-trailer trucks and running his own automotive business at just 20, to successful stints in property management and the fast-paced world of hospitality—he knows the value of hard work.


Always focused on finding innovative ways to build and support businesses, Antonio founded MoMac based on his desire to seek solutions where simplicity sparks success.


The result? Our distinctly personal service which lights the way for horticultural operations to grow and thrive.